Surgical Rehabilitation


There was no avoiding it.  The surgery was necessary.  Now what?

Did you know that physical therapy after surgery is the best way to maximize the gains you received from surgery?


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Surgical Rehab

The reason for orthopedic surgery is to fix the structure so you can regain physical function. When a knee joint fails, surgery replaces the broken structure with an artificial knee joint. The hope is that the new structure will return your physical function so you can do all the things you love to do.

While surgery can be absolutely necessary, there is no guarantee that addressing the structure will result in improved physical function and a return to the activities you love. Instead, surgery repairs or replaces the damaged structure and makes it possible for you to start regaining the physical function you need to return to the activities you want to do.

Studies have repeatedly shown that physical therapy after surgery is the best way to improve physical function and return to the activities you love. Without physical therapy after surgery, patients are more likely to experience prolonged recovery, failure to return to activities, re-injury and depression.

If your surgeon has not already prescribed physical therapy as part of your recovery, talk to them about this as an option and see what they recommend for your particular circumstances.

We help people recover from surgeries every day. Shoulders, knees, hips and back surgical rehabilitation are handled daily by our skilled team of physical therapists.  A real advantage to doing your rehabilitation at Health Motion is our extensive training and high quality of care.

If you already have a prescription for PT call one of our clinics below.  If you do not yet have a prescription from your physician and want to get the ball rolling, you can come in for a free consultation and we will send the information to your physician so you can discuss your options with them.

To believe I would be pain free again is amazing.  Health Motion has been tremendous in helping me understand the cause of my pain and how to manage it, which ultimately led to becoming pain free along with exercise.  Everyone here has been fantastic and just plain fun to come see.  Thanks to Everyone!

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