Sports Injuries


Health Motion knows athletes. We have worked with local,
national and international athletes and understand the unique demands of
sports injuries and returning to competition. We also have several top caliber athletes on our staff that have competed in international, collegiate and state level competition.


how we help

Sports Injury Rehab

Our therapists are experienced with helping athletes recover and return to the sport they love, often times stronger than they were before the injury.

We understand that athletes want to continue training. This is why a customized approach is necessary for your therapy.  It is also important to keep in mind that training is the process of either improving a limiter or increasing an ability you already have.  When you are injured, your injury is the biggest limiter to your performance and therefore your recovery is the number one way to improve your performance.

Therapy needs to be worked into your training plan just like any endurance, strength or interval work you would normally be doing.  As with any training, therapy needs to be coordinated with the other aspects of your training in order to speed your gains and get you back to optimal performance quickly.  We understand this process and can help you recover quickly and fully.

Don’t let a little injury take you out.   If you are experiencing pain or limitation in your sport, don’t wait for it to get worse and result in a major injury that sidelines you for the season.  Call us today for a free consultation and find out what is causing the problem and what can be done about it.

When I came in I was having a hard time turning my neck which made it difficult when driving.  A huge thank you to Sally and her team for fixing me up!  My mobility has improved and I’m free of pain and able to do everything I could before this injury!

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Learn more about sport injuries and what you can do about them. Knowledge is power.