Neck and Shoulder Pain


A little neck and shoulder pain, once in a while, at the end of a long hard day is part of life. When neck and shoulder pain becomes part of every day, or the pain is intense and limits your ability to turn your head or use your arm, it is time to remove neck and shoulder pain from your life.

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Neck & Shoulder Pain Solutions

Neck pain can cause problems with turning the head fully, holding the head up and even headaches.  It is closely related to poor posture, which is often the result of muscle imbalance.  This means one muscle, or group of muscles, is working too hard to make up for the other muscles that are weak.

Shoulder pain can cause problems reaching overhead, putting on a coat or even sleeping.  This can cause significant disruption in life.

Both the neck and the shoulder are complex areas.  The neck is composed of 24 joints and even more muscles.  The shoulder is actually part of the shoulder girdle (including the shoulder blade), and it is composed of 4 joints and many muscles that rely on the neck for their muscular attachments and nerve pathways that make them function.

The neck and shoulder have motion as their primary function.  Anything going wrong with any one of these many structures can impair motion and cause pain.  It is vital to locate the cause and correct both areas to fully handle neck and shoulder pain.

People often tolerate neck and shoulder pain as part of life even though there is a solution for it. You don’t have to live with neck or shoulder pain.  Something is causing it and that something can be identified and handled.

If you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain, come in for a free consultation with a licensed physical therapist. Our therapist will answer your questions, discuss options and help you find a solution to your neck or shoulder pain.

When I came in I was having a hard time turning my neck which made it difficult when driving.  A huge thank you to Sally and her team for fixing me up!  My mobility has improved and I’m free of pain and able to do everything I could before this injury!

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Learn more about the causes of neck and shoulder pain and what you can do about it. Knowledge is power.