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The knee is a hinge joint that allows the bones to swing in an arc, similar to the hinge on a door.  Unless there is direct trauma to the knee or arthritis, the source of the knee pain is usually found in the lower leg or the hip.


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Knee Pain Solutions

Due to the knee being a hinge joint, the tendons and muscles around it are actually what give the knee its stability rather than the bony structure of the joint itself. The muscles hold the knee in place and ensure it moves correctly through its range of motion.  When the muscles fail to do their job, the tendons can be called on to do more than their fair share.  If the load is too much for just the tendon, the tendon can fray (partial tear) or sever (full tear).

If a full tendon tear is the result of the injury there is no way around it, surgery may be necessary.  But, for the vast majority of other knee injuries, pain or limitations, Physical Therapy is an excellent solution that can get you back to 100%.

How does Health Motion treat and rehabilitate knees? Through a thorough evaluation of the entire lower extremity from the hips on down.  Physical therapists at Health Motion will locate the cause of the knee pain no matter where it is coming from.  This may mean we have to repair a partially torn tendon; and yes, there are non-surgical treatments we use to repair tendons.  If we find old scar tissue from years and years ago that needs to be cleaned out we have non-surgical procedures for this as well.  Muscles can be strengthened, coordination and flexibility increased, and we can use many other treatments to handle your knee pain and get you back to the things you love doing.

If you would like to know exactly what we can do for your knee pain, come in for a free consultation with a licensed physical therapist who will answer your questions, discuss options, and help you find a solution to your knee pain.

When I came in I was having a hard time turning my neck which made it difficult when driving.  A huge thank you to Sally and her team for fixing me up!  My mobility has improved and I’m free of pain and able to do everything I could before this injury!

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Learn more about the causes of knee pain and what you can do about it. Knowledge is power.