Physical therapy can eliminate or greatly reduce headaches. Even if you have been suffering from them for years.

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Headache Solutions

Headaches have many potential causes. Headaches can be caused by physical trauma or problems with health, diet, vision, sinuses, teeth or the joints and muscles of the head and neck to name just a few. These issues can refer pain to the head or cause changes in blood flow which results in headaches and pain. It is important to locate the root cause of the headaches if you want to fully eliminate the headaches from occurring.

Our highly trained physical therapists can identify whether your headaches are caused by problems with the joints or muscles of the neck and head. In these cases headaches can be fully handled by physical therapy. Once identified, physical therapy restores the function of the joints and muscles in the neck and head, alleviating tension and restoring blood flow.

Even if the headache has other triggers there is still likely tension in the muscles of the head and neck, making the headaches more frequent and severe. The additional tension in the muscles of the head and neck can be handled by physical therapy and greatly reduce the pain and/or frequency of the headaches caused by other triggers.

If you are wondering if your headaches are musculoskeletal in nature and can be removed from your life, come in for a free consultation with a licensed physical therapist who will answer your questions and help you find a solution to your headaches.

When I came in I was having a hard time turning my neck which made it difficult when driving.  A huge thank you to Sally and her team for fixing me up!  My mobility has improved and I’m free of pain and able to do everything I could before this injury!

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Learn more about the causes of headaches and what you can do about it. Knowledge is power.