Elbow and Wrist Pain

The elbow and wrist are closely related joints and problems with one will often create problems with the other.

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Elbow and Wrist Pain Solutions

A classic example of the relationship between the wrist and the elbow would be a limited range of motion in the wrist.  When the wrist is not moving through its full range of motion it is easy to assume that something is wrong with the wrist. However, this can also be caused by issues with the elbow.

A joint is simply a point at which two or more bones come together and articulate, or move.  The bones in your lower arm join at the elbow joint and at the wrist joint.  So if the elbow joint is limiting the movement of one of these bones it can then transfer this lack of motion to the wrist joint at the other end of the bone.  So lack of motion in the wrist may be a problem with the wrist, but it can also come from a misalignment of the bones and joint at the elbow.

Our highly trained therapists are experts in uncovering the cause of your elbow and wrist problems. We handle Tennis Elbow, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and even more complex mechanical issues in the elbow and wrist, usually without the need for surgery. By restoring the mobility, flexibility, muscle balance and strength in your arm, we can effectively and permanently handle your wrist and elbow pain.

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When I came in I was having a hard time turning my neck which made it difficult when driving.  A huge thank you to Sally and her team for fixing me up!  My mobility has improved and I’m free of pain and able to do everything I could before this injury!

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