COVID - 19 Safety




We have implemented stringent medical procedures to help keep you safe while receiving the physical therapy treatment you need.


This page outlines our safety protocols and what your responsibility will be in keeping yourself and others safe while in treatment at Health Motion.


COVID-19 Safety

Procedures Designed to Keep Us All Safe

Screening Before Entry

All patients will be screened and have their temperature checked prior to entering the building.  All staff will be screened and have their temperature checked twice daily.  No one will be allowed in the clinic if they are sick, have symptoms or if they have someone in their immediate household with a known or suspected COVID sickness.

No Guests at This Time

Only staff and patients who have been properly screened will be allowed in the clinic.  The only exceptions at this time are: a parent or guardian if the patient is a minor, a translator or interpreter if needed for effective care, a caregiver in the case of dementia or extreme emotional distress.

Sanitizing and Cleaning 

Strict cleaning and sanitizing procedures are adhered to throughout the clinic.  Medical grade sanitizing products are used to ensure surfaces and items patients come in contact with are clean and sanitized.

Hand Washing

Staff and patients abide by specific hand washing and hand sanitizing protocols to further ensure a safe environment.   Hand sanitizers and hand washing stations are available for staff and patients throughout the clinic.

Masks for All

Staff and patients are required to wear two-ply cloth masks when in the clinic.  Patients are required to bring their own masks.  However, if they forget their mask a loner mask will be provided for them.

Social Distancing

All staff and patients will maintain appropriate 6 feet of distance unless immediately involved with treatment that requires close proximity.  When in close proximity our staff has been trained in how to limit contact and exposure and ensure the highest levels of safety while still ensuring effective treatment.

Watch a short video about our COVID safety protocols.


 Working together we can keep each other safe and ensure you get the treatment you need to recover a pain free and fully functional body.


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